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Heaux Tales FOR REAL!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Jazmine Sullivan was trending after posting this statement on her story: "Tell me a secret you'll never tell your partner."

Before I jump straight to the point, I'll say this: AND TO THINK I'M OUT HERE DEFENDING ALL OF YOU!! Yes, all of YOU AIN'T SHIT!! Whether you're secretly messing around with his dad while you're f*cking him (be right back - because my vomit nearly SLIPPED out of my mouth. This was also the SECOND most popular response for this damn story post), or enjoying a 17-year long marriage while simultaneously maintaining a 14-year long relationship with your side piece, you're the fuckboys my mother tried to warn me about. Meanwhile, half of you probably look wholesome as hell but are playing your man for a WHOLE FOOL.... Real G's move in silence like lasagna, HUH?!