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What Mommy Didn’t Tell You is a blog and podcast featuring authentic conversations on dating, sex, intimacy, and life in your twenties. 

What Mommy Didn’t Tell You (a.k.a. an ongoing conversation about life in your twenties) is a platform I created to reflect on what it’s really like to grow up. As in… how it REALLY feels to understand that your life is up to you and only you.


It’s an outlet that focuses on the real sh*t, not the pretty sh*t we mention when someone asks us how we’re doing. It’s a space to have authentic conversations with other people who approach life with a sense of humor but can also express what it’s like growing into your adult self, and understanding and accepting who you are. It’s the “learning curve” stage, and learning is a process riddled with mistakes, pivots, and redirection. But enjoying the journey and process is a part of the story, even if experience hurts sometimes.


What’s in store for this first season's worth of content? It’s a deep dive into topics ranging from dating, sex, relationships, break-ups, hook-ups, and anything else that has to do with our love lives. Click on the "Home" page to catch-up on my latest blog posts!

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